Yale Smart Hd720 Cctv Kit 2 Camera Review

The Yale Smart HD720 CCTV Kit 2 camera is an high resolution HD720 Yale Cameras with enhanced Infrared LED night vision up to 30m (98ft). With this installed, you can view and record high quality CCTV images at the same time.

The Yale HD720 Hybrid DVR features real time, full screen high resolution video recording and playback. Playback footage in high resolution on your LED, LCD, Plasma TV or HDTV through a PC monitor via VGA port or via HDMI port.

You can live view in the palm of your hand on 4G/3G or Wi-Fi enabled tablet devices and smart phone including Android, iPad and iPhone devices using the free Yale App. Add up to 4 additional cameras to become an 8 camera CCTV system.

Yale Smart Hd720 Cctv Kit 2 Camera Review

The system overall efficiency and build is fine. The cameras appear to be solidly built, mounting is quite simple and a 15 metres of cable with each camera means for most houses the install shouldn’t require any additional pair of cable.

The night vision is quite clear.

I saw some cheaper alternatives to Yale Smart HD720 CCTV sets but I stuck with Yale because of the brand’s excellence in it’s market and I must say, the system has made me really happy. I purchased and fitted this CCTV during summer time.

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So far, it has been very reliable, withstanding the winter without any issues and has survived many storms, frosts, and high winds while still working fine.

I have it connected to the TV but it can be connected to a monitor.

Yale Smart Hd720 Cctv Kit 2 Camera

No matter the time or day, the picture quality is always good. It comes with an app so you can view the activities of your home on phone wherever you are.

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The user manual is easy, simple to understand. The instructions are written in real English (not Chenglish) and is printed in paper back, not DVD.

While installing Mine, I had to buy an extra longer cable because of the location I wanted one of the cameras situated. It’s better to measure the area before ordering so you know the cable length you need.

Plus, if you plan to put the cables through the wall, you’ll need masonry clips and I put the connections in weatherproof boxes for better protection while fixing my Yale smart hd720 cctv kit 2 camera.

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