Canon Powershot Sx410 20mp 40x Zoom Bridge Camera Review

We promise today’s canon Powershot sx410 20mp 40x zoom bridge camera review is going to be both straightforward and shot.

It’s no news that Canon has added another affordable super-zoom camera to their SX-series, with the new PowerShot SX410 IS.

The new Powershot SX410 IS is perfect for those in need of a board zoom range in a compact package, that’s also simple on the wallet, the SX410 features a 40x optical zoom lens with their proven intelligent image stabilization, 20-megapixel of resolution all thanks to a CCD image sensor, and a large 3.0” LCD.

Since this is a budget super-zoom, it lacks all the whistles and bells you might find on more expensive PowerShot Camera, like NFC, Wi-Fi. However, Canon claims it has all the features needed to capture great photos, in most situations.

You enjoy up to 32 different scene modes to pick from for still photography, along with 720p HD video recording. The SX410 IS also boasts of multiple photo effects, like Toy Camera and Monochrome.

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Canon PowerShot SX410 IS Features:

20 Megapixel CCD image sensor

Full 720P HD video

Canon’s proven image stabilization system

40x optical zoom lens, covers 24-960mm equivalent zoom range

Full 720p HD video

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

Smart Auto mode

3-inch LCD with 460k pixels

32 pre-programmed Scene modes

Li-ion battery pack

SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot

Canon Powershot Sx410 20mp 40x Zoom Bridge Camera Review

The Canon PowerShot SX410 IS comes in red or black. The Canon Powershot SX410 IS is a super-zoom camera with a 40x optical range. It’s one of the smallest of the SLR-styled super-zooms and won’t take up much space in your bag but won’t fit in your pocket either.

Unlike its former ancestor, this packs a Megapixel count of 20 Megapixels.

The 3inch screen is retained along with many of the older model’s features. Aside the new sensor and longer zoom, there isn’t much else that’s new and it’s not so great to see Canon burying the idea of improving the HD video capabilities beyond 720p or including Wifi.

That said, a 25% increase in the zoom range isn’t so bad and a higher resolution sensor means you can make bigger prints, or crop in even closer, though it remains to be seen how the image quality compares.

To really understand how excellent this device is, see how the PowerShot SX410 IS compares with its more expensive stablemate, the PowerShot SX530 HS and Nikon’s budget bridge super-zoom the COOLPIX L840.

Canon Powershot Sx410 20mp 40x Zoom Bridge Camera Review

  • Canon PowerShot SX410 IS Design And Controls

In the field of appearance, the PowerShot SX410 is almost identical to its predecessor, the SX400 IS. If you compare the dimensions you’ll agree with me that the newer model’s lens extends 5mm further and it weighs 12g more, so well done Canon for fitting 25 percent more zoom into a body that’s only a little bigger and heavier.

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Alongside the much weightier and larger SX530 HS and COOLPIX L840, the SX410 is very compact. Yeah, it’s cute, but it’s also quite practical; despite it’s very small proportions it fits nicely in your hands and the soft textured plastic allows you have a firm grip.

It’s available in the following colours: red and black.

  • Canon PowerShot SX410 IS lens and stabilisation

While compiling this Canon Powershot sx410 20mp 40x zoom bridge camera review, we discovered that it features a 40X optical zoom with an equivalent range of 24 to 960mm.

That’s a super capable zoom range to pack into a camera this size. There are of course bridge cameras with longer zoom ranges, but they’re heavier and bigger than the SX410 IS.

One of them is the PowerShot SX530 HS that packs a 50x optical zoom beginning at the same 24mm wide angle but extending further to 1200mm equivalent. The Nikon COOLPIX L840’s 38x zoom begins wider than both the Canon models at 22.5mm but also falls shorter with a maximum 855mm focal length.

  • Canon PowerShot SX410 IS movie modes

The PowerShot SX410 comes with basic video features that are unimproved from its predecessor. The best quality video mode is 720p24 and there’s only a single option which is standard definition 640 x 480 VGA at 30fps. It also boasts of a also miniature effect, which applies a faux tilt-shift effect to video with the choice of three speeds which play back at 5, 10 or 20x. This is available in either the 640×480 or 720 modes, which is selected from the quick menu in Miniature mode.

So, what do you think of this canon PowerShot sx410 20mp 40x zoom bridge camera review? Let us know!

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