Best IR Illuminator for Security Cameras

Night-time is the period when outdoor home security cameras are most needed. Whether it’s looking out for burglars, or keeping an eye on night visitors like coyotes and raccoons, there’s plenty of activity that happens at night that the best IR illuminator for security cameras can help you keep tabs on.

IR illuminator is great even for cameras with night vision and is affordable too.

IR illuminators emit light on the infrared spectrum that makes it easier for your security cameras to “see” in the dark. They can help light up areas where normal night-time lights don’t get to.

A big advantage of going for the best IR illuminators is that they release light that is invisible to the human eye.

This makes them a great alternative to traditional floodlights, which can potentially cause some angry visits from short-tempered neighbors.

The most vital factor to check before buying is the wavelength. If your home security camera’s night vision makes use of a different wavelength, it won’t be of much use.

The products below involve the wavelength on their reviews, so you can cross-reference with your own setup.

Best IR Illuminator for Security Cameras

If you’re searching for an affordable means to enhance your outdoor home security system, IR illuminators are your best affordable bet.

  • CMVision LED Long Range IR Illuminator

This IR illuminator is a great option for larger spaces. The unit is equipped with 198 IR LEDs, and has a range of up to 400 feet.

The unit comes pre-mounted on a rotating joint, so you can angle it in multiple ways for better coverage. It has dual power settings – it can be left on all the time or set to come on only when it’s dark.

Pros: It is a powerful option with 198 LEDs and a 400-foot illumination range.

Cons: Short cord.


Best IR Illuminator for Security Camera

  • CMVision 114 LED IR Illuminator

This top IR illuminator is also from the brand – Cmvision but it’s less powerful and more affordable. It boats of 114 LEDs and a potential range of 300 feet – isn’t that good enough?

Like the first CMvision product discussed here, the unit too comes pre-mounted on a rotating bracket, making adjusting for maximum coverage really simple.

Pros: 300 feet maximum coverage, making it a good size for illuminating backyards.

Cons: Like the other CMvision option, the cord is short.



  • Univivi IR Illuminator 8-LEDs

This IR illuminator is best for people who like compact device. This IR lamp has 8 LEDs and a maximum range of 85 feet. It’s attached to a rotating bracket so you can easily find the right angle of your illuminator.

It’s attached to a rotating bracket that can easily locate the right angle for your illuminator. It’s waterproof, so it can be mounted inside or outside.

Benefits: Affordable option with a rotating bracket and 90° projection for wide coverage.

Cons: Projection angle is slightly narrow.




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