Best Camera Bag for Wedding Photographers – Find Out!

Being a wedding photographer means that you must seek the best camera bag for wedding photographers no matter your status.

New, intermediate, and experienced photographers have one thing in common – multiple gear(like cameras, lenses, lighting and other accessories) they need to take with them to shoot.

This requires solid bags or a solid bag to contain and protect such a large and costly kit set at he same time remaining simple to access and move around.

Seeing the value of item the bag will house, It’s no wonder the best camera bag for wedding photography is important.

Best Camera Bag for Wedding Photographers

Today, we are highlighting some of our top gear/camera bag picks with wedding photographers in mind. Either you have a small or big photography kit, it makes no difference. We have options below that appeal to all the kinds of wedding photographers out there with varying amounts of gear.

So, if you’re all set, let’s get right into it.

  • Wandrd Prvke

The WANDRD PRVKE is an amazing choice for wedding photographing, especially for wedding destination photographers because it can take just about anything thrown at it.

It is spacious enough for a modest kit including many camera lenses and bodies (size dependent, of course), and you can carry speedlights (thanks to its rooftop design), extra clothes, a windbreaker, snacks, or whatever you may need to last the long day.


Plus, it has room for a tablet, laptop and other important accessories.

  • Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L is a great choice for photographers who want a backpack style bag but also looking for something a little more stylish and fashionable than the WANDRD bag (which is more outdoor looking).

It is one of the best camera bag for wedding photography in it’s price range.


You can currently grab them over on Amazon for around $$$.

  • BlackForest Bags Vinson Messenger Bag

Do you need a bag to wear at the wedding site?

I suggest you go for these.



There’s an high chance that you won’t be running around with a backpack on. So a messenger bag, complete with enough room for additional lens or two with some accessories are an excellent option and this is one of our favorites.

You can currently grab them over on their website for around $$$.

  • Peak Design Everyday Tote Camera Bag

If you don’t want a backpack but an actual bag that can carry your kit that you can also take off and put down while you are busy working then the Peak Design Everyday Tote could be just what you need.


You can currently grab them over on Amazon for around $$$.

  • Think Tank Retrospective 30 Leather

If you’re a wedding photographer that desires a bag that carries more gear with some style than any of the options previously mentioned, then you should consider the Think Tank Retrospective 30 Leather.

Being one of the best camera bags for wedding photographers like the Tote, it will work well to put down while you are busy shooting some marriage photos, but will still look pretty and functional if you decide to wear it while working.


You can currently grab them over on Amazon for around $$$.

  • Low Impact – AmazonBasics Convertible Rolling Camera Bag

Store: Amazon

If you’re tired of the weight a camera bag places on your bones or at least want the option for a rolling bag, then this bag is perfect for you.

I suggest you get this bag for photographers who need to travel to weddings because it fits right in with the rest of your luggage.


The room inside is spaciously large for evwery single camera accessory you’d ever need. Memory cards, tripod, Laptop, name tag storage, and more – this camera bag has space for all of that while being small enough to function like a backpack if you prefer it.

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Best Camera Bag for Wedding Photographers

  • Stylish – Leather DSLR Camera Bag

Store: Buffalo Jackson

Cost: $$$

If you’re a fashionista and a lover of high quality materials, you would appreciate the Buffalo Jackson bag. It is produced from real buffalo leather as the name highly suggests.

It has a padded strap that makes using a messenger bag take makes it easier on your shoulder blades.

Inside it are padded organized compartments for your camera and lenses. On the outside it has an extra compartment for all of your camera supplies, and maybe some snacks too.

In case you need to carry along your laptop, you can squeeze that in too. I highly recommend this backpack for photographers who may feel out of place with the usual sporty backpack style of other bags.

  • The All Inclusive – Peak Design Everyday Camera Pack 20 Liters

Store: REI

Cost: $$$

If what you desire is a bag that is long-lasting, as well as store all of your cam kits in an organized and secure manner, this bag is perfect for you.

With this bag, you get to avoid the problem of other backpacks like digging through the bottom. It has more than one compartment, all individually accessible.

You can with ease sort and separate all your lenses. It also features extra pockets for smaller items like keys, phone (s), charger etc.

This best camera backpack for wedding photographers can hook your tripod into the side pocket and have it whenever you need it.

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I recommend this bag if you have been hired to shoot for a large wedding where you may be moving a lot.

lso if you are worried about people nabbing your bag, it doesn’t look like a camera bag noticeably.

  • The Affordable – Metropolitan Messenger Bag from

Store: Best Buy

Cost: $$

This camera bag is perfect for wedding photographer who love the fast access of a messenger bag. With this design, you can skip digging to the bottom of your backpack.

Additionally, it allows you have a separate pocket for any charging cord or memory chips so you can keep things organized.

If you’re just starting out, this bag is great because it’s affordable and looks stylish yet professional.

  • Light and Sporty – thinkTank TurnStyle Camera Sling Bag Multi 461

Store: Best Buy

Cost: $$

If you aren’t the kind of person that carries around multiple lenses, this bag is an excellent alternative for you,.

It has lots of padding and is in the most widely sought after style. This bag comes with plenty mobility if you need to keep your electronics on you especially at chaotic weddings.

It has an organized section to keep all your lenses. And it has lots of zipper pockets on the outside to store memory cards and lots more.

There’s not really a provided room to put your tripod. However, you can hook it through the loop on the top of the bag if it’s really needed for the event.

  • Extra Large – Vanguard Quovio 41 Photo – Video Shoulder Bag

Store: Andorama

Cost: $$

This bag is excellent for photographers who may need to bring multiple supplies. It boasts of multiole compartments, enough for up to six lenses.

Plus, it has many of extra pockets, space for your tripod and other items you need to bring. If you’re going to be shooting in one spot for a while, this is the best camera bag for wedding photographers for you.

It’s simple to set down and access wherever and however you need it. Plus, its waterproof under protects you from worries of the outdoor weather.

I would advise keeping it near you as it is very obvious it’s a camera bag. And it isn’t as simple to carry as a shoulder bag or backpack, so it may not be as advantageous for long walks.

  • The Fem – Gogroove Camera Backpack

Store: Groupon Goods

Cost: $$

If you admire and love colourful bags with lots of storage space, this bag makes your dream come alive.

You can pick from different bright colors including blue, purple, and pink. It has a colourful trim and stylish leather details.

There are dual compartments for camera and lenses storage. Within those compartments are pcokets you can conveniently store your memory chips.

I’d say this bag is perfect for weddings because it has loads of storage for everything, camera, laptop, lenses and another compartment for any other supplies.

It’s simple to move around with padded shoulder straps. If you’re bringing your tripod, which you should, there is a pocket in the side where that can be placed with ease.

With this best camera bag for wedding photographers, you could store all that you could ever want, and have a sense of style.

Each best camera bag for wedding photography reviewed here will give you good value for your money.

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